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Amakura Twins PATCHED

After that, both Mio and Mayu are seen shrouded by deep darkness, apparently nude, but covered by some golden cloth, cuddled against each other. Fun fact: They both are positioned just like the twins shown in the Twin Maiden stones not only in the game, but also the ones in real life

Amakura Twins

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This ending is achieved by playing at "Nightmare" difficulty on the Xbox version of the game. After pursuing her sister and reaching the abyss, the ghosts of the Veiled Priests suddenly disappear, and Yae Kurosawa's spirit emerges from Mio's body. Mayu, now possessed by Sae, turns to face her, and after apologizing, Yae joins with her sister and the two decide to complete the ritual together. Before they jump into the abyss, Mio quickly pull's her sister's body away from Sae. The Kurosawa twins fall and later emerge as a single crimson butterfly, uttering a "thank you" to Mio and Mayu. As countless other butterflies flutter out of the abyss, the skies above the village clear, and the souls of the villagers are finally at peace. Mayu tells her sister how afraid she was and how she now realizes that Mio has always been with her. Mio adds that she will never let Mayu go again.

When Mio finally found her sister, Mayu was standing atop Misono Hill. As she turned, a swarm of Crimson Butterflies floated up around her. Mayu whispered, "The Lost Village..." She then explained that she had heard about a village trapped in repeating a night of death and a secret ceremony. Seeing that the way they had come was now blocked off, the twins had no choice but to explore the village to find a way out.

Upon entering the Osaka House, Mayu gets a series of violent and disturbing visions. She grabs Mio's hand and shares the vision with her. Terrified and confused, the twins continue their exploration. They eventually find the Camera Obscura tucked away in one of the house's rooms. Mio becomes frightened and accidentally takes a picture of the ghost of Miyako Sudo, one of the women from Mayu's earlier vision. Thus, the true power of the camera is revealed.

Hellish Abyss Ending: Mio fights the ghost of Sae Kurosawa with the Camera Obscura. As she takes the last picture, the spirit of Sae is broken apart from Mayu. Mio rushes forward, and grabs her sister's hand to keep her from falling into the Hellish Abyss. As Mio pulls Mayu up; however, she looks into the Abyss. She is overcome by the horrific images of trapped souls trying to escape. The twins are found passed out in the woods. Some time later, the two return to the area and are looking out over the lake the dam has made. Mayu tells Mio it is time to go. When Mio rises, her eyes are bandaged, and it becomes obvious that the Abyss blinded her. Mayu smiles, knowing that now Mio will always need her.

Promise Ending: As Mio passes through the last torii gate on the way to the Hellish Abyss, Yae's spirit leaves her body and reunites with Sae. Mio runs forward and grabs Mayu out of Sae before the Kurosawa twins plunge into the Abyss to complete their ritual. As the twins exit the village, guided by Crimson Butterflies, Mayu confesses that she was always overwhelmed by the idea that they would grow apart, but she recognises ever since her accident, Mio has kept her promise. Mio tells her that even if they can't become one, she will never let Mayu go again.

Shadow Festival Ending - After Mio defeats the Kusabi, she makes her way to the Hellish Abyss. Running past her are Veiled Priests trying to flee The Repentance. Mayu, sitting in front of the Abyss, tells her sister that she is too late, and that The Repentance is near. She says that Mio should have saved herself. Mio however replies that she could never live with herself if she ran away alone, and that she wants to be with her sister, even if it's only for this short time. "This time, we fall together," she says, as the Darkness erupts from the Abyss. The scene then switches to that of a festival, which the twins, dressed in yukatas, are attending. Hundreds of lanterns are released into the night sky, and both Mio and Mayu wish that that day would last forever. The scene switches back to the twins being consumed by the Darkness. Itsuki is seen with a Crimson Butterfly on his hand, before it flies away, and the Darkness once again engulfs the village. In the end the twins covered in a crimson kimono are sitting hand in hand forever together in the Darkness.

An updated and more mature outfit version for both of the twins is seen in Fatal Frame: Deep Crimson Butterfly. More emphasis has been placed on the back of the costumes to coincide with the new over-the-shoulder camera angles.

Mio finds Mayu standing at the edge of a promontory overlooking a village covered in darkness and mist. Mayu is surrounded by crimson butterflies, that scatter on Mio's approach. Mio calls out to her sister, to which she only replies: "The Lost Village...".Unable to return the way they came, Mio and Mayu explore the village, hoping to find help, shelter, or directions to get back to the forest. In the back of Mio's mind lingers the story of 'the lost village', a village that is trapped in endless darkness, and those who stumble upon it never return. As the twins explore a nearby house, Mayu is overcome with a horrible vision she shares with Mio, and both encounter the spirit of a woman, Miyako Sudo, who came to the village searching for her boyfriend, Masumi Makimura.

As the night lingers on and on, Mio finds her sister Mayu, only to be separated from her again by ghosts, sealed doors, and other strange forces at work. Each time, Mio is determined to reunite with her sister, keeping to her promise that she won't ever leave Mayu behind again. As the night wears on, it becomes apparent that the ghosts are trying to use the twins as part of the village's Crimson Ceremony, and that Mayu is possessed by the malicious spirit of the last Twin Shrine Maiden, Sae. Mio discovers a way to leave the village, but on the point of escaping, Mayu is captured by the ghosts of the villagers, and taken away to perform the Ceremony.

As the Amakura twins investigate, they discover the Camera Obscura and are set upon by the ghosts of the past villagers. Mayu is eventually led astray by the ghosts and Mio becomes determined to save Mayu and escape before they meet the same cursed fate as the village's former residents. However, Mio learns that in order to save her sister and escape the village, she must delve deeper into a ritual that was performed in the village: the Crimson Sacrifice Ritual, where one twin must kill the other.

The purpose of the ritual was to stop the calamity but the last ritual failed therefore calamity happened and cast upon the village. Last pair of twin were assisted by a remaining (one of the twins who survived after the ritual) to escape from the village just before the ritual ceremony. On their way escaping, the elder sister Sae who had trouble running begged the younger sister Yae to slow down but Yae did not respond. Sae slipped and fell down the mountain slope and was brought back to the village. She began to have doubt for Yae. The ritual was carried on with Sae alone, by hanging herself and thrown into the Hellish Abyss. The ritual failed.

  • Tyrion and Teclis Tyrion and Teclis, Co-Gods of Distinguishable Twins (Tyrion: Prince Tyrion, Heir of Aenarion, Dragon of Cothique, Defender of Ulthuan, Avatar of Khaine Teclis: Loremaster of Ulthuan, High Loremaster of Hoeth, The Sharp Tongued Mage, Warden of the High Tower)Left: Tyrion, Right, TeclisTyrion as the Avatar of Khaine Greater Gods (Tyrion is Borderline-Overdeity upon becoming the Avatar of Khaine)

  • Symbol: The Northstar of Ulthuan

  • Theme Song: Northstar (Both Brothers), Fear No Darkness (Tyrion), The Sundering (Teclis)

  • Alignments Tyrion: Swinging between Chaotic Good and Chaotic Neutral (bordering on Chaotic Evil as the Avatar of Khaine)

  • Teclis: Chaotic Good

  • Portfolio: Among the Greatest of the High Elves of Ulthuan, Battle Association with Dragons (Alongside using them as Mounts), Well-Meaning, but Aloof, Condescending and Dismissive, Magical Knights, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Light Is Good (Kind of), White Magic, Sword and Sorcerer, Descended from Phoenix King Aenarion, Cursed Ancestry, Twins that Greatly Contrast and Distinguish with One Another Tyrion: Among The Greatest High Elf Warriors, Not Excelling in much Matters, Incredibly Protective of Teclis, The Lesser-Regarded Twin in his Family, The High Elf Hero, Rather Well-Reserved and Humble, The Sunfang, Hot-Blooded, A Monster in the Battlefield, Not too Fond of Other Races, Worries about his Family

  • Teclis: The Greatest Mage of Ulthuan, Sharp-Tongued and Witty, Well-Versed and Educated, Genius Cripple, Handicapped Badass who takes Healing Potions to Walk Around, Powerful, but Vulnerable, Mystical High Collar, The Moonstaff of Lilaeth, The More Favored Twin in his Family, Willing to Grant Access of Elven Magic to Other Races, Once Defeated Malkekith who Regards him as a Worthy Opponent

  • Domains: High Elves, Twins, Appearances, Family, Light, Warriors, Magic, Champions, Heroes

  • Heralds: The High Elves of Ulthuan (Particularly Alarielle, Alith-Anar, Caledor Dragontamer, Finubar)

  • Allies: Both: Cosmos and the Grand United Alliance of Good, Karl Franz, The Puella Magi (Though Both have their own Preferences), The Magical Girl Sisterhood and Four Magicians, Eddard Stark, Jon Snow, Artix Von Krieger, Arturia Pendragon, Superman, Daniel Fortesque, Minato Namikaze, Kushina Uzumaki, Aragorn, Princess Zelda, Jaina Proudmoore, Tyrande Whisperwind, Legolas and Gimli

  • Tyrion: Link, Lucina, Ike, Sayaka Miki, Kyoko Sakura, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yu Narukami, Jeanne D'Arc, Sophitia Alexandra, Ky Kiske, Ragna the Bloodedge, Merrill

  • Teclis: Mami Tomoe, Batman, Schierke, Doctor Fate, Zatanna, Aqua, Cassandra Alexandra, Tyrion Lannister, The Ascended Pretty Cures

  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Thorgrim Grudgebearer, Vlad von Carstein, Lord Kroak, Settra, Daenerys Targeryen, Guts, The Dragonborn

  • Enemies: Malekith (Bordering on Worthy Opponent Territory on Malekith's Part), Nagash, Archaon, Melkor, Sauron, Darkseid, Count Dracula, Nekron, Count Orlok, Ganondorf, Shao Kahn, Shinnok, Quan Chi, Arthas Menethil, Voldemort, Mephisto, Sylvanas Windrunner, Ashera

  • Opposes: The Four Chaos Gods, Grand United Alliance of Evil, YHVH, Lucifer

  • Admired By: Hallie Parker and Annie James

  • Respected By: The Good Aligned Deities of the Dragons Sub-House

  • Conflicting Opinion: Homura Akemi

  • Uneasy Relationship: Most Dwarves in the Pantheon (Due to Historical Grievances on the High Elves's Part).

  • As two of the greatest Elven heroes in the history of Ulthuan, Tyrion and Teclis have proven themselves to be among the most inspiring figures in the Warhammer World, for they have successfully held off numerous threats, especially thr Dark Elves led by Malekith from attacking and conquering Ulthuan. Despite all this however, both brothers have had their fair share of issues, personal and racial. The High Elves were a damaged race thanks to the machinations of Malekith a few millenia ago when he instigated the War of the Beard through vengeful machinations to ensure the High Elves and Dwarves did not rebel against the Dark Elves and proved successful, waking the Empire of Ulthuan and rendering the High Elves a vulnerable race. Additionally, Tyrion was driven by insecurities regarding the state of his race and the world at large, but placed special emphasis on his twin brother Teclis, who was frail and ulnerable from birth,resulting in Tyrion developing an overly protective stance for him. Even worse was the coming of The End Times, which all races have been preparing for quite a long time.

  • After the events of the End Times, Tyrion found himself in some kind of gilded hall. He was then approached by a clearly alive Teclis, which baffled the older brother ad the last time he saw Teclis was when he was suddenly disintegrated trying to hold on to a Chaos Vortex, courtesy of Mannfred von Carstein. Teclis told Tyrion that they were in lands never seen before and that the Chaos Gods and Dark Elves have also marked their presence. Upon hearing, Tyrion chided his brother for what had happened beforehand, but told him that there were worse matters to deal with as of now. The Elven twin brothers readied their gear and marched out of the hall, marking their presence in the Pantheon.

  • Upon their ascension into the Pantheon, many deities took to noticing Tyrion and Teclis the moment they began to meet with other ascended deities from other worlds. They soon realized that the Pantheonic World was far more different compared to what they had been living and fighting in. While they expected much of the same species from their world, but they didn't come to expect each of them had varying morality, which intrigued Teclis as unlike most High Elves, he is willing to strike alliances with which the High Elves can benefit from as long as they're careful with it.

  • As a masterful warrior and mage respectively, in addition to defending Ulthuan against the Dark Elves of Naggaroth for several years, Tyrion and Teclis are very highly regarded by many heroic deities, especially fellow Elves. Tyrande Whisperwind was quick to strike an alliance with them, thinking that their capabilities will benefit greatly for the side of good. They naturally joined Cosmos and the Grand United Alliance of Good as they felt that they would feel most at home working with benevolent fighters and rulers. That said, Tyrion and Teclis can come across as dry and aloof towards many people, allies and foes alike. Make no mistake though; they truly do care about the state of other beings and the condition of the Pantheonic world overall.

  • Malekith was... somewhat impressed to see that Tyrion and Teclis made it into the Pantheon. If anything, he waited for such a moment to happen, despite having yet another sworn nemesis to deal with. Malekith is taking new approaches and making allies outside of just the Dark Elves to prepare himself against Tyrion and Teclis. That said, he'll actually pull out any animosity towards them and fight together when it comes to the Chaos Gods and the Grand United Alliance of Evil, given that the Dark King himself opposes Chaos just as much as anyone and that the Pantheonic World actively encourages alliances with other races and species if it mans survival and harmony. Oddly enough, Malekith has managed to somewhat tone down his malicious nature, given his tenure as the Eternity-King during the End-Times, where he began to soften and open up towards others and work together with other races. While he has returned to villainy in the Pantheon, Malekith has developed some virtues overtime. That said, he still sees Tyrion and Teclis as his greatest enemies, though overtime, he's become open to treat them as worthy adversaries and even elicit an aforementioned alliance at times.

  • As two of the strongest Elves in the Pantheon, Tyrion and Teclis have taken it upon themselves to defend this new world as much as they could. This has been a rather stressful issue as both brothers find it difficult to find a luxurious way to spend their life. Tyrion has made it clear that its in a battle where he's at his most fuctional whereas Teclis is physically frail to the point where he needs Healing Potions to maintain even moving around on his feet, and this still doesn't stop him from entering battlefields every now and then.

  • Learning about the state of Middle-earth and how the Elves and Dwarves have managed to still maintain a strong camaraderie with one another (despite some scuffles and tensions in their history), Tyrion and Teclis have admitted to feeling a bit jealous about how well-regarded they are, in stark contrast to the Elves and Dwarves of the Warhammer World, who remained bitter rivals til the End Times, and even then, their tensions were never fully resolved. Legolas and Gimli have expressed sympathy towards Tyrion and Teclis for their difficult life and for never really being able to get along with Dwarves, but have offered a conventional alliance against Sauron. Seeing what the Dark Lord was capable of and that Sauron will stop at nothing at corrupting beings into his influence much like the Chaos Gods, the Elven Twins accepted the partnership. Now that Sauron has become the top lieutenant of Darkseid and working with Archaon for their own means, the Elven brothers are more than needed at this point.

  • They may promote an order of peace, but Tyrion and Teclis are willing to break through Elven norms if it means doing the right thing, establishing relationships and settling scores. They are not fond with the law and order that Ashera and YHVH preach on about and oppose Quan Chi, Dracula and Orlok, mainly because of the former's dabbling into Necromancy and the latter two being far worse vampires than Vlad could be. They've come to an uneasy terms with Vlad and Settra, considering what they've went through in the End Times, but Tyrion and Teclis are wary about the agreement for now.

  • They have an established partnership with the Magical Girl Sisterhood and the Four Magicians, if mainly because Teclis himself is a formidable mage in his own right. Doctor Strange had admitted to stating that he would like to help out Teclis's psychical frailty, but has had little success, given that the Curse of Aenarion has enough influence on Teclis's body, just as much as it does on Tyrion's mind. Fate Testarossa-Harlaown has expressed sympathy in the amount of drama Tyrion and Teclis have been through, given how Fate has had familial issues similar to the Elven Twins. They have varying opinions on the Puella Magi. Due to her nature as the Pantheon's Hope Bringer, they've both given their support towards Madoka Kaname, who is the only member that the Elven Twins equally respect in high regard. That's not to say they dislike the other members, only that they have their own preferences. Tyrion favors Sayaka Miki and Kyoko Sakura because they're headstrong and dedicated warriors just like him, in addition to Sayaka having troubling emotional baggage like Tyrion does. Teclis has an Odd Friendship with Mami Tomoe as they're generally concerned about others beyond just their own demographic. Homura Akemi remains the only Puella Magi where Tyrion and Teclis have conflicting thoughts that don't amount to an answer. While they admit that her love for Madoka is genuine, they also think what she did was selfish and has only bought in more damage towards the Pantheon, herself and Madoka.

  • Are currently stationed on the GUAG Sacred Knights Division, given their ability to lead great armies and be powerful opponents that have led Ulthuan to victory several times. Thanks to the twins, the prominence of Elves in the GUAG has increased by a slim margin. That said, both Tyrion and Teclis were disappointed to know about Sylvanas Whisperwind and the direction she took later in her life. Sylvanas simply sees the Elven Twins as enemies that she'll have to deal with. Despite her villainy, Tyrion and Teclis have noted that she is still nowhere as malicious as their world's Dark Elves and are thinking about working with Tyrande in the hopes of redeeming her in the future. Progress is yet to me made as of now...



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