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Cambridge Ventures 2 Student Book PDF - Ebooks Library

venturemind supports students and emerging entrepreneurs from all disciplines and backgrounds in the university, harvard innovation lab, and the greater community. student venture mind programs are delivered in a 12-week, four-hour, interactive, online course format. each week, you will work on your own business plan for a new and innovative idea. during the course, you will gain the knowledge and practical tools you need to understand and execute on a business idea.

Cambridge Ventures 2 Student Book Pdf Download

cambridge ventures is a global program that gives students hands-on experience in starting and growing their own ventures. our program is 12 weeks long and is based at the harvard innovation lab, a joint venture with allston-brighton. starting with week 1: business model innovation, students work on a challenging problem and in a business model canvas during the first half of the program. during the second half of the program, students work on a business plan for a startup to be developed in the harvard innovation lab.

in the first half of the program, students work in groups of four on a business model canvas, a tool for developing a new product, service, or business model. the canvas is a visual representation of the different business functions of a company. in week 1, students work on a hypothetical business model that answers the question: what is the product, service, or business model i am trying to build? by the end of the program, the business model canvas is turned into a functional, detailed business plan that can be used in the second half of the program.

students must be admitted to the cambridge ventures 2 program. students who are admitted to the cambridge ventures 2 program will receive four credits as a harvard innovation lab student, a harvard extension school credit, a harvard innovation lab credit, and a harvard innovation lab extended learning credit. students must meet all the requirements for the harvard innovation lab, and complete the cambridge ventures 2 program. harvard extension school credits are transferable to other schools.


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