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High School Cheerleaders Nude

Two cheerleaders at Bothell High School, near Seattle, were suspended from the squad after school officials learned nude cell phone pictures of the girls were circulating throughout the student body, via text message.

high school cheerleaders nude

Now, the girls' parents are suing the Northshore School District, alleging school officials acted inappropriately while reprimanding the cheerleaders and failed to go after the students who actually sent the photos. One was suspended for 30 days and the other for the whole school year.

King concedes that, "The student code of the conduct does say that athletes are held to a higher standard. The problem that we have -- one of my clients took the photo back when she was 13, before she even was a student at the school and the photo, unfortunately, has been following her around from grade level to grade level. As a result, I find it difficult to believe she can be punished for something violating a code of conduct that she simply had no knowledge of until after she got into high school."

Parents of two Bothell High School cheerleaders have sued the Northshore School District, alleging school officials erred when they suspended the girls from the team this year after nude photos of them circulated throughout the student body via text message.

Shortly after the June photos were taken, school officials heard rumors the pictures were circulating among students, particularly football players. They sent a letter to all cheerleaders' parents, warning that if inappropriate photos were found, it could result in suspension from the squad.

Northshore officials, however, believe the girls clearly violated the district's athletic code, which students must agree to in order to participate in school activities. The girls understood that as athletes, they would be held to higher standards of behavior, Stoltzfus said.

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JM: It was a one-building school with an elementary school on the first floor and the high school on the second floor and there were several grades in one room. For instance, there was kindergarten, first, and second in one room, so I went from kindergarten to second because I was interested in what the second graders were studying. So, that's how I graduated at sixteen.

JM: I graduated from eighth grade with twelve and from high school, with six towns contributing students, twenty-two. Since then, the high school had been merged into a regional school, I guess, Northern Hunterdon. So, when we have reunions, we go from '55 back to however many people are still alive and we all "reunion" together.

JM: Even ballet, water ballet, we went "whole hog," my girlfriend and I right up through the range. Then, of course, I was PTA president of the elementary school, then another one when we moved here, the principal called me and said, "I understand you were president of the PTA?" I said, "Yes." She said, "We are in need of a president." So, what could you say to the principal? So, I said, "Okay." In the high school, there was an editorial in the paper saying, "We cannot believe that no one will take the job as president of the PTA at the Northern Burlington Regional School." So, I called them and I said, "I'd do it," because if they lapsed, all their scholarship money would have gone to the PTA and not the children from the school. I don't think anybody realized that. Except me.

JM: The Hamilton Square Elementary School. I was founding president of their new school, Morgan School, and they also attended Sayen at one point and then they came here to the junior high and high school.


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