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Death Becomes Her 1992 Download !!BETTER!!

while death becomes her failed to change the world, it is a loveable film that remains one of the most memorable and quirkier films of 1992. the story is a weird one, with its central plot of a woman dying in her sleep (and subsequently rising from the dead) as a method to stay with her late husbands many-times-removed-daughter. it soon spins into a bizarre buddy comedy as she and her friend (willis) seek out her daughter and two of her husbands (hawn and kline) in the pursuit of financial reward.

death becomes her 1992 download

the unorthodox casting was a great choice for the project. willis and streep were two of the most popular stars of the time, and were both known to turn in amazing performances in any genre (willis had also previously teamed up with streep in 1988s the bonfire of the vanities). hawn and kline were veterans of serious drama and comedy who were both ready to do a little comedy (kline had even been in a few comedy shorts). the film also had a beautiful setting in the autumnal los angeles area, and by the mid-1990s the new millennium would be even more beautiful with the opening of the huge downtown staples center. and even though death becomes her didnt do well at the box office, the film has grown in stature over the past few decades, and is now a cult classic and respected film.

here are some highlights from the film. the story of a women who dies in her sleep after repeatedly hitting her head on the nightstand, death becomes her is a weird, funny, and often disturbing film. it would later influence the films of david lynch and terry gilliam, as well as the television series twin peaks. the film is best known for its great final 10 minutes, where the characters find themselves in a deserted old mansion with strange, otherworldly creatures, and the story becomes even stranger. the film was also a huge influence on french auteur jean-pierre jeunet (alien 3, amelie) who would later remake the film in 2001, adding a romantic element to the story.


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