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BEST Moo0 Video Resizer V1.29

Tips: - This program won't alter the original video file. It "creates" the new resized video file, within the same folder by default. Please don't worry about it. - If you are not sure about the conversion setting, try "Test-Convert only a Part" function first. You can quickly see the sample result ahead, such as "only the first or middle 15 seconds". - If you don't mind the conversion time, we recommend you to use "Quality: Beyond [x265]" for the best picture quality. Although, old video players wouldn't have supported this latest codec, just yet. - This is the remake of "Moo0 Video Converter", so that your video resizing task can be "as simple and easy as possible". If you want more detailed options for the conversions, please try out our "Moo0 Video Converter".

BEST Moo0 Video Resizer V1.29

Download Zip:


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