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Gnome Alone

Gnome Alone is a 2017 computer-animated fantasy comedy film directed by Peter Lepeniotis and written by Michael Schwartz and Zina Zaflow, from a story by Robert Moreland. The film was first released in November 2017 in Cyprus, Greece, Romania, and Israel. The film received mixed reviews. Produced by Vanguard Animation and 3QU Media, the film stars the voices of Becky G, Josh Peck, Olivia Holt, George Lopez, Patrick Stump, and David Koechner. It follows a young girl who moves to Tenderville, suddenly pairing up with a group of gnomes and her awkward neighbor in an attempt to defeat a pack of rabid and hungry beasts called Troggs.

Gnome Alone

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Chloe and her estranged mother, Catherine, move to Tenderville, in a massive house surrounded by mysterious gnomes. One night during dinner, Chloe discovers a secret room that holding a mystical green gem, which she takes and turns into a necklace. Unbeknownst to her, she opens a portal from another realm opens up in her basement, unleashing a pack of rabid and hungry creatures named "Troggs". At her new school, Chloe befriends popular girl Brittany and her friends, Tiffany and Chelsea, collectively known as the BTCs. Chloe catches Brittany's attention with the necklace and she gives it to Brittany in hopes of entering her clique. At home, Chloe encounters a Trogg and attempts to kill it, before it mysteriously blows up.

The next day, Catherine tells Chloe that she will be taking an extra shift at work. Upon leaving, the house gnomes reveal to Chloe that they're alive, and tie up her when they discover she took the Keystone; the mysterious green gem Chloe ended up giving to Brittany. The gnomes reveal that the Keystone keeps the Troggs from causing havoc within their realm. Quicksilver, one of the gnomes, reveals that the Troggs became their mortal enemies after they devoured the botanical lifeforms which made up their way of life. Zook, the gnome's current leader, also explains that Zamfeer, their former leader, once journeyed into the Trogg world to destroy it but never returned. Using the Keystone, they were able to stop the Troggs' portals from opening. They enlist Chloe to fend off the Troggs until she can retrieve the Keystone back. Chloe also inducts her awkward neighbor and classmate Liam to help her out.

As the gnomes happily reunite with Zamfeer, Brittany arrives to further humiliate Chloe and Liam and destroy the remaining Keystone. While Brittany chastises Chloe, the Gnomes, Chloe, and Liam witness the formation of the Mega Trogg, which escapes from the basement. Blocked from escaping, everyone travels to the roof along with an ooze plant; something the Mega Trogg fears. Using the Keystone, Brittany's phone, and the ooze plant, Chloe creates a makeshift bomb, destroying the Mega Trogg and restoring their reality. Waking up alongside her mom, Chloe assures her mom that she wants to stay, while Brittany confirms that she has no memory of what happened the night before. Chloe discovers the gnomes also survived and she walks alongside Liam, friends once more, to school.

Parents need to know that Gnome Alone is an animated story featuring ravenous, sharp-toothed monsters shaped like bowling balls who eat anything in their way, probably making it a little too scary for young kids. The Trogs bare their huge, sharp teeth and threaten to eat everything and everyone around them. They can't be killed, but they can be stopped by a specialized form of green slime. They wrap their teeth frighteningly around the legs of humans but for some reason never bite through. Two kids get tied up by gnomes, then released. Gnomes hit Chloe in the leg. Cell phone overuse is featured. There's a fart joke, and "poop" is mentioned -- but language is otherwise tame.

In GNOME ALONE, Chloe (Becky G) and her mom move into a creaky old house, which turns out to be a supernatural portal to a world inhabited by ravenous, man-eating bowling balls called Trogs. For what seems like thousands of years, garden gnomes have been guardians of the earth -- who knew? -- growing vegetation and keeping the earth safe from Trogs. Chloe finds a glowing green gem in the house. Unaware that it's the gnomes' keystone, a kind of kryptonite that keeps the Trogs from over-running the earth, she takes it to wear as a necklace, then immediately lends it to Brittany (Olivia Holt), one of the popular mean girls she meets at school. This unleashes thousands of Trogs, which the gnomes back at the house struggle to contain. For some reason, the gnomes, otherwise silent little statues, reveal their true selves to Chloe and enlist her in the battle to send the Trogs back through their portal. She must recover the keystone and return it to the house, but when that plan is foiled, she ventures through the frightening portal, from which no one has ever returned, to rescue her friend Liam (Josh Peck), who was sucked through it when the Trogs attacked him. She discovers a larger green rock from which the keystone broke off and, using her cell phone battery, blows the place up. Instead of solving the problem, this creates a mega-Trog that looks a lot like the big monster in Ghostbusters, which is also destroyed using a cell phone battery.

The confusing, simplistic, and nonsensical plot seems to target 4-year-olds but the villains are far too scary for that audience. The Trogs are ravenous, sharp-toothed bowling balls who threaten to eat up the entire earth and everyone on it if they aren't stopped. The animation is fairly standard-issue and although talking garden gnomes are main characters (George Lopez voices one of them), their resemblance to Smurfs is unmistakable, robbing the enterprise of any hope of originality. Gnome Alone openly steals from Inside Out and, naturally, Home Alone as well.

Gnome Chompski is a garden gnome and improvised weapon exclusive to the "Dark Carnival" campaign. He made his debut in Valve's Half-Life 2: Episode Two as the Garden Gnome and is infamous for earning players the achievement "Little Rocket Man".

We know that this blog is usually devoted to medieval manuscripts, but we couldn't help featuring this image of a garden gnome. The little chap in question (in actual fact, he's rather large) is currently standing proudly in the British Library's Harry Potter: A History of Magic exhibition. We have borrowed him from our friends at the Garden Museum here in London, and as with our other lenders (among them the British Museum, the Science Museum and the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic) we are indebted to their generosity in allowing him to be part of our show.

When we were researching our exhibits, I made an appointment to visit the Garden Museum to view their collection of historic gnomes. At that time, the Museum was closed for a major renovation programme, and so my first task on meeting Emma House, the curator, was to don a hard hat and a pair of sturdy boots before being allowed inside. I had originally been interested in a group of gnomes that had been hand-carved by German prisoners-of-war, but on closer inspection they turned out to be too small (although beautifully made) to have the impact we desired. Emma then showed me their Disney gnomes (too garish) and their Tony Blair gnome (not everyone's cup of tea); and it was then that we set eyes on this fishing gnome, sitting in one corner of the gallery. He dates from around the year 1900 and was made by Heissner of Germany, the world's foremost maker of garden gnomes. As Emma told me, he was the Garden Museum's oldest and most historically significant gnome. He fitted the bill in so many ways: fans of the Harry Potter novels may recall that Ron Weasley described the Muggle craze for garden gnomes, described as 'fat little Father Christmases with fishing rods' (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets).

And so the British Library submitted its loan request. Last October, after all the necessary arrangements had been made and the fishing gnome had been safely packed, he made the short journey across London to our own exhibition.

We don't have any pictures of medieval gnomes among our collections, but one of our Anglo-Saxon manuscripts does contain one of the earliest references to elves, and another (Bald's Leechbook) reports that elves could cause pain in domestic animals. You can read about both manuscripts in our blogpost 'Elves and Anglo-Saxon manuscripts'; and you can also see Bald's Leechbook in the Potions section of Harry Potter: A History of Magic.

In the trailer, pink-haired tween Chloe arrives at her new house, a towering manor appropriately nicknamed "Frankenstein's Castle" by Chloe's new overly friendly neighbor, Liam. But instead of being filled with ghosts or containing a portal to a much creepier parallel world, the house is just sprinkled with nondescript garden gnomes. It's soon revealed that the gnomes are alive and sentient. Not only that, but they are actually the guardians of the house, regularly fending off malicious aliens who sometimes enter it through a magical portal. The gnomes enlist Chloe and Liam's help in defending not just the house, but also the world against the enemy.

Not all movies meant for kids are great for watching as an adult, but Gnome Alone looks to be a fun watch for the whole family. It boasts the message of finding that inner strength and learning to "become the champions [you've] always been inside," which is something everyone needs to be reminded of, now and again. So "have gnome fear" when your kids get excited about this one: Gnome Alone promises to be funny, action-packed, sweet, and inspiring for both kids and adults.

It is done. Gnome Chompski has shot off to where gnome man has gone before. The little red-hatted fella started life as a bit of a joke in Half-Life 2: Episode Two. Players who carried the garden gnome all the way to the end of the game would be awarded with the achievement "Little Rocket Man" - a title old Chompski truly lived up to last night.

The 150mm titanium gnome affixed to this rocket was created by Weta Workshop (who've previously made props and set for the likes of Lord Of The Rings). Rocket Lab say the hardened garden decoration will be coming back down to Earth, but will sadly burn up on entry. Like a space-viking funeral. His death will not be in vain, however, because Rocket Lab will be using data on his re-entry into the atmosphere to inform future missions (though it's unclear when the rocket will be making its return). 041b061a72


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