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Eating Miss Campbell ((FREE))

The concept of a heroine who finds herself trapped in a horror movie is not innovative in itself. We still remember the very successful The Final girls (2015) but the Troma treatment totally strips this genre by not hesitating to go into all possible excesses (without going to the outrageous scenes seen recently in Terrifier 2). The film also tackles in its own way the killings in colleges and other sexual predators who are rampant without being arrested. Everything seems possible in Eating miss Campbell and the film could have been without the Troma touch simply a horrific comedy for the general public if the direction had been more traditional and less cartoonish.

Eating Miss Campbell

The Yorkshire born and bred Liam Regan grabbed the horror world by the horns with his full-length feature debut My Bloody Banjo (2015), chronicling a bullied desk worker on his revenge seeking mission. The film was met with beloved reactions by those brave enough to sit through the bloody spectacle which saw acts of brutality be taken to another level, even garnering enough attention to be shown at the Cannes Film Festival in 2015, as well as having its world premiere at the one and only FrightFest. However, although horror fans take this as a stern compliment, the film was at first rejected by iTunes and Walmart due to its ferocity. This badge of honour only pushed Regan to continue his filmmaking pursuit with the upcoming classic that is Eating Miss Campbell, which has no qualms in pushing the viewer through an intense roller coaster where the maximalist approach is at full blast the entire time.

The glorious peak of absurdity and perhaps unsung star of the film is Vito Trigo as Mister Sawyer, the new replacement Headmaster of Hennenlotter High, a magnificent madman this side of Dr. Strangelove who looks like Charles Darwin and comes up with an insane plan to save the school from obscurity: an end of semester eating contest that will provide the winner with a loaded gun to do with what they will. This character does not have a single foot in reality and is a blast to behold.

FJ: Well, I can't remember. ... I think, in New Brunswick we had fireworks ... and stuff like that but nothing ... else. ... Also for V-J Day it was more of an everybody was doing it, it wasn't individuals. ... Then another thing, when Jim did come home ... Mother ... had a luncheon for him so friends and family could all get together. ... She was very proud that she found some fruit cocktail to open and Jim took one of his, [and asked], "What do you think we had been eating all this time?" Best time. [laughter]

FJ: ... We used to [get together], a group of us, used to go [to] the football games at least once a year. That would be our reunion and ... it would be alumni. ... The men would drag their wives and I, well, I don't have to drag Jeff because he was Rutgers, and this other couple were both Rutgers ... and that used to be a highlight. We ... would go out to, when the parking was right ... there and ... we'd have our ... tailgating and ... continue on. We'd always have supper at the Rutgers Club in [the] Alumni building on College Avenue. ... That's the sort of thing that ... I miss now, because most of those have died or else they moved so far away that they don't come back. ... We still, in our family, when we get together with my brother's family and ... [ours] we always sing On The Banks. Actually, we stand up and some of them can't understand why. [laughter] ... We are very proud of the Rutgers football team but can I say this, I am shocked at [the] amount of money that they're paying the football coach, terribly shocked. I don't think ... it's proper. I don't think any sport should get that much, pardon me. [laughter] 041b061a72


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