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Bleach Episode 148 Fixed

For experienced watchers: Please avoid spoiling anything that has not be covered to the current latest episode in this rewatch, as well as avoiding creating "hype" or hints of something coming that isn't something that would be expected based on the content so far.

Bleach Episode 148

Jamie and Adam revisited the "Compact Compact" myth after fans complained about a claim Jamie made in the earlier episode. During the investigation he had said that two cars hitting each other at 50 mph (80 km/h) is "equivalent to a single impact going into a solid wall at 100 miles an hour". This was disputed by fans claiming that according to Newton's third law, two cars hitting each other at 50 mph is the same as one car crashing into a wall at 50 mph.

A revisit of the "Fool the Bloodhound" myth from 2007. Adam and Jamie investigated new suggestions for evading detection by a scent hound, using the same dog (Morgan) and handler from that earlier episode. Given a five-minute head start, Jamie fled while using...

Adam and Jamie team up with Sean Casey and Reed Timmer (from the series Storm Chasers) to investigate myths related to the power of tornadoes. The Build Team does not take part in this episode.

As a tribute to their fans, the MythBusters randomly drew six fan-submitted letters and tested the myths and questions in them. One letter contained three separate myths, bringing the total number of tests in this episode to eight.

Bleach has a reported total of 163 filler episodes out of the 366 episodes, which is a very high 45% of filler material (nearly half the show!). Most of these episodes belong to the five filler arcs, but there are also individual episodes or groups of episodes that are filler content.

It's f*cking Madara VS Aizen. Considering Naruto VS Ichigo came out back in season 4. Bleach is heavily overdue for another episode. And Naruto VS Bleach is an iconic Shonen rivalry. I see no reason why it won't happen this Season. As for why I put this at Episode 149. Well we haven't had a villain fight in this season for a little bit and considering what I put for Episode 150. It felt right to put the anime version of Thanos VS Darkseid right here.

Now Episode 152 wouldn't take place in October but considering the last two were the 150th Episode and the 151st Episode I think the Halloween episode has to be this one. As for the fi- you already what this episode will be.

....... What do you want me too say? This fight so obvious for the Halloween episode it's not even funny. Between Sabrewulf VS Jon Talbain teasing a vampire fight this season, Doctor Doom's preview analysis teased Boomstick research a character named 'Alucard' and that this is a confirmed episode. It would be mind boggling if this wasn't the Halloween episode.

I hate to repeat jokes but It's f*cking Galactus VS Unicron. Not only is this fight confirmed happening as an episode of DB, but it's been heavily requested since the beginning and it has season finale material written all over and around it. 041b061a72


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