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How to Play Shinedown's "45" on Rocksmith 2014

How to Play Shinedown's "45" on Rocksmith 2014

If you are a fan of Shinedown and want to learn how to play their hit song "45" on your electric guitar or bass, you can do so with Rocksmith 2014, the ultimate music game that adapts to your skill level and lets you play along with the original recordings. Here is how you can get started:

Rocksmith 2014 Shinedown - 45 Activation Code

  • First, you need to have Rocksmith 2014 Edition - Remastered installed on your PC, Mac, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3. You can buy it from Steam or other online retailers.

  • Next, you need to buy the downloadable content (DLC) Rocksmith 2014 â Shinedown - â45â from Steam[^1^] or other platforms. This DLC costs $2.99 and includes a new authentic tone for the song.

  • If you want to play more songs by Shinedown, you can also buy the Rocksmith 2014 â Shinedown Song Pack[^2^], which includes "Bully", âSound of Madnessâ, âSecond Chanceâ and "Enemies" for $11.99.

  • After you have purchased and downloaded the DLC, you need to connect your electric guitar or bass to your device using a Rocksmith Real Tone Cable or a compatible audio interface. You can find more information on how to set up your instrument here.

  • Launch Rocksmith 2014 and select "Learn a Song" from the main menu. You can then browse the song library and find "45" by Shinedown under the "S" category. Select the song and choose your preferred arrangement: lead, rhythm or bass.

  • Rocksmith 2014 will then guide you through the song with dynamic difficulty, adjusting to your skill level as you play. You can also use features like Riff Repeater, Guitarcade and Session Mode to practice and improve your skills.

That's it! You are now ready to rock out with Shinedown's "45" on Rocksmith 2014. Have fun and keep on rocking!

Note: If you are missing an activation key for Rocksmith 2014, please contact Ubisoft Support[^3^] for assistance.

Shinedown is an American rock band that formed in Jacksonville, Florida in 2001. The band consists of Brent Smith (lead vocals), Zach Myers (guitar), Eric Bass (bass) and Barry Kerch (drums). They have released six studio albums, two live albums and four EPs, selling over 10 million records worldwide. They have also received 14 platinum and gold certifications from the RIAA.

"45" is the second single from their debut album Leave a Whisper, released in 2003. The song is about overcoming depression and suicidal thoughts, and finding hope in life. The title refers to the caliber of a handgun, which Smith used to own and considered using to end his life. The song peaked at number five on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart and number 26 on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart. It has been certified platinum by the RIAA.

Rocksmith 2014 is a music video game that allows you to plug in any real guitar or bass and play along with hundreds of songs from various genres and eras. The game adapts to your skill level and provides feedback and guidance to help you learn and improve. You can also customize your sound with different amps, pedals and tones, and jam with a virtual band in Session Mode. Rocksmith 2014 is the fastest way to learn guitar or bass, whether you are a beginner or an expert. e0e6b7cb5c


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